Glen Eira Enterprise Agreement

AsU members at the Maribyrnong Council have a significant benefit in their enterprise agreement … As part of its enterprise agreement, Glen Eira proposes flexible work and leave plans for all employees, including job sharing, paid emergency leave and the possibility of additional leave. Often, work schedules can be organized to allow employees to share family responsibilities and team meetings are also planned to meet these needs. Work from home is also available to staff, if necessary. The Community and Public Sector Union and the State Government have looked at the… Read more The ASU has received notification that ballarat city council will get another deal for… Read more The ASU has agreed with VicRoads on the provision of child support for staff … Read more The very first family violence holiday in an industrial agreement applicable throughout the… Read more vote for a new enterprise agreement reached yesterday.

An overwhelming number of employees skillfully read more AsU, with the support of HACSU, continued to negotiate for a new enterprise agreement… Zinfra Contracting ASU members revoked their first enterprise agreement. Read the agreement read more The Berry Street Enterprise Agreement concluded the vote, and the agreement was reached … The ASU obtained approval from the Board for a meeting of paid mass members. The purpose of the … Read more After a meeting date last Thursday, management had not yet prepared the draft agreement read More Kingston Enterprise Agreement was accepted by the majority of employees and… Read more negotiations have begun to consolidate your enterprise agreement. The registered employee… Read more As we continue to negotiate for your enterprise agreement, job security has remained the key… Read more We are pleased to inform you that we have reached an agreement with VicRoads and…

Read more As members now know, negotiations for your new enterprise agreement are now… Read more The City of Melbourne has withdrawn the agreement in principle agreed by your ASU … Read more The organizers tassie ASU will remain busy in the next 8 months to negotiate new companies … Read more The ASU is actively committed to a proposed new enterprise agreement to cover … Read more As part of the enterprise agreement reached at the end of last year, Horsham Rural City Council, have … Glen Eira has developed strategic partnerships with Swinburne University of Technology and Holmesglen TAFE to provide graduate training within its organization. Over the past five years, more than 100 people have participated in partnership programs that complement online learning programs and regular Leader meetings, also proposed by Glen Eira. These programs are part of the Commission`s training schedule, which is developed annually and reflects the diversity of services provided by the Commission.