Transdev Bus Driver Enterprise Agreement

On average, candidates stay 1 to 2 weeks in our application process. The public transport sector is traditionally male-dominated, which is why Transdev is increasing the number of employment opportunities for women. Our goal is to raise awareness among women about women`s careers in public transport and to promote applications in roles at all levels of the company, in order to reach our goal of 50% of all women`s applications by 2023. At Transdev, we want to build a culture that accepts the sexual orientation of our colleagues and supports LGBTIQ employees in each of our businesses. We recognize that the LGBTIQ community faces many challenges and, as a public transport provider in Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to safe and respectful travel for our employees and passengers. Transdev is an employer of LGTBI Inclusive. Meet some of our travellers in Australia and New Zealand and find out why they are personally worth a career in public transport. Our Golden Star Awards program honours and honours Journey Makers` outstanding individual contributions to each of our Central Asian businesses. Employees are appointed by colleagues from different disciplines such as customer service, security and passion, and each year a short list of people who have crossed borders for clients and colleagues in their duty is invited to a special ceremony. It all starts with your online application, where we ask you to submit a current version of your CV and answer some standard preliminary questions.

We believe in giving our employees the best ways to develop their skills and promote their careers. That`s why all of our companies have a basic kit of customized training modules suitable for operational teams. Our Journey Maker Training Academy was established in 2017 as a business priority to improve workplace safety, flexibility and well-being. We train team members in a variety of disciplines to provide optimal service to the communities they serve. We believe that people with disabilities are qualified and competent contributors and, as members of the Australian Network on Disability (AND), we encourage the integration of people with disabilities into employment at Transdev. We believe that public transport will play an extremely important role in how the cities of the future will live. That`s one of the reasons we`re creating more employment opportunities for more young people through our youth programs — click here to learn more about how we became one of the top 100 employers in the AFR. More information about the recruitment process for this position can be found in individual job descriptions on Page Up. Our public transportation is essential to the lives of many people with disabilities and, in the case of Transdev, we want to ensure that our employees with disabilities receive the same standards of treatment in the workplace as we provide our passengers on their journeys. Our flexible work program has been launched at our headquarters and in the Sydney Light Rail store. With the agreement of their superiors, employees can experiment with different ways of working, either remotely or at atypical hours. Our goal is to enable employees to better balance their work and personal commitment and to improve their well-being and happiness in the workplace.

If you are applying for a role with us, the application process depends on the type of role you are applying for, although the process usually consists of five main phases: all of our tasks require police and medical authorization. If you are applying for a client role with us, we need a Work For Kids Exam (WWC) and if you apply for a driving roll, you cannot lose more than 5 points on your driver`s license. At Transdev, we are always looking for people to join our teams.