Visual Basic 6 License Agreement

Copyright license for multiplication, preparation of works derived from, .B. programs and third-party communications. The software contains third-party code. PreEmptive Solutions, LLC., Dotfuscator and Analytics products are licensed for you under their own licensing terms and not by Microsoft. Another third-party code included in the software will be granted to you by Microsoft under this license agreement rather than granted a license by third parties under other licensing conditions. Advice, if any, for this third-party code is included in the software and can also be found in the ThirdPartyNotices.txt file. Subject to software licensing conditions, the following files can be redistributed with your application in your local application folder or by providing them in global Assemblycache (GAC): 15. PROOF OF LICENSE. If you purchased the software on a disk or other medium, your license certificate is the true Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity, with the original product key associated with the purchase document. If you purchased and downloaded the software online, your license is the real Microsoft product key to the software you received with your purchase and proof of purchase from an authorized electronic provider of real Microsoft software. Proof of purchase can be verified by your dealer`s records. For more information on identifying real Microsoft software, see You can add your own copyright statement to your amendments and provide additional or other licensing conditions for the use, reproduction or dissemination of your modifications or derived works as a whole, provided that your use, reproduction and distribution of the work is in accordance with the terms of this License.

In return for your conclusion of this Agreement and for the payment of a royalty or subscription fee applicable under Article 1 above, ComponentSource, as the owner or dealer of the software, grants the licensee a personal right that is non-transferable (except expressly referred to in Article 5 below) and not exclusive to EITHER: 16. TRANSFER TO A THIRD PARTY. The first user of the software can transfer it and this contract directly to third parties. Prior to the transfer, this party must agree that this agreement applies to the transfer and use of the software. The transfer must contain the software and the Proof of License label. The first user must uninstall the software before it is transferred separately from the device. The first user should not keep copies. To comply with the license rights granted to you, you can install software by copying it on the hard drive or processor memory of a system used on that system, and you can create full or partial copies of the software, but only if necessary for backup or archiving purposes.

You agree (i) that your use and possession of these copies serve exclusively under this Agreement and (ii) you reproduce the same claims of ownership and copyright and captions on all copies, as shown by ComponentSource or the owner of the software.