Sample Band Partnership Agreement

The other common problem we see is what to do when someone leaves the group. Who is this name? If the singer leaves, can he create a new band with this name? Or can the remaining members of the group continue to use this name and look for a new lead? You can describe your decision agreed in this agreement and avoid the headaches of whether everything is going wrong. If you invest a lot of time, money, or equipment in your group, you should consider writing an agreement between the group members – a Group Partnership Agreement (BPA). As a general rule, a BPA addresses the following key issues: each partner exempts the partnership and any other partner from all claims, actions, actions, losses, liabilities, expenses, damages, judgments, third-party claims and comparisons, including appropriate external attorneys` and legal fees, that may be borne by that party in connection with a partner`s material breach of this agreement. A party seeking compensation (an « Indemnification Party ») shall notify the party (the « Indemnification Party ») and, at the request of the Indemnifying Party, any defence of a proceeding or right for which compensation is sought, including transactions and remedies, at the indemnifying party`s expense. The released party shall pay all comparative amounts, judgments or decrees resulting therefrom. Except with the written consent of the indemnified party, the indemnifying party may not accept a judgment, administrative order or settlement that non-registered groups must sign a new agreement each time the group`s membership changes. It may sound irritating – but not as irritating as trying to find former band members to resolve copyright when there`s a big break, maybe Universal Pictures would like to tell you about a movie soundtrack, and you don`t have a written tape agreement dealing with all these issues. This model is an easier alternative to the partnership agreement.

This is a global partnership agreement suitable for more established bands that engage in careers in the music industry. He is more interested in financial agreements, membership obligations and changes to group membership. A partner is late if it violates this agreement or an agreement between the partnership and a third party. The partnership will inform the non-compliant partner in writing of the delay. If the delay can be cured, the allegedly hurtful partner has time to correct the delay a few days after receiving the notification. If the delay cannot be cured or if the allegedly hurtful partner does not heal within the stipulated period, the partnership may, in addition to its other rights or remedies, terminate this contract with the partner. If the Partner has provided assurances not specified in this Agreement, the Partnership may terminate this Agreement and the Partner shall immediately reimburse the Partnership for the Partnership fees arising from such misrepresentation. A simple BPA can be written by one group member and signed and dated by all group members. Your group can also use one of the many « Fill-in-the-Blank » partnership agreements available on the Internet or in books for a fee, such as for example.

B the agreement in Music Law: How to Run Your Band`s Business by Richard Stim. Like any « bar » contract, the agreement should be tailored to your specific needs. If you live in southwestern Illinois or Missouri and would like an attorney to help you create a BPA, please ask for help. . . .