Sdp Argentia Agreement

The collective agreement also contains provisions on diversity, gender equality and recruitment in the field, including a Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding), which stipulates that the parties agree to promote and support initiatives for employment diversity and to enable women and members of qualified under-represented groups to have full access to employment opportunities. Under the MoU, the parties are also implementing proactive programs and practices that help create an inclusive work environment. SDP recently negotiated a localization collective agreement with representatives from the Iron Workers Union, Local 764, Carpenters Union, Local 579 and DerBourers` Union, Local 1208. The three unions created the Council of Construction Trades Inc. to represent construction workers who will work on the project. These unions account for about 90% of the negotiation hours planned for the project. Council agreed to procure any additional professionals required for the project from the various construction unions in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. For any request for work on the project, please contact your provincial union representative. • Technical degree or degree in engineering or related field.

An equivalent combination of training and professional experience may be envisaged. Prefer a strong background in mechanical, pipe and/or structural work; • At least 10+ years of experience in the installation and management of mechanical systems; • Familiarization with unionized workplaces and project collective agreements; • Ability to prepare work plans and ensure they are oriented towards MMO operations; • exceptional analytical, problem-solving, planning and organizational skills; • Strong interpersonal skills combined with a positive and team-oriented attitude; • Excellent communication and reporting skills The OPS imposes legal penalties for the collective agreement negotiated between the WWRP Construction Employers` Association Inc. and the Council of Construction Trades Inc. and confirms its commitment not to hold strikes or lockouts for the duration of construction. If you do not see a position for which you are qualified, please upload your CV online through this channel. If your application meets a future need, we will contact you. « SDP is following the instructions of the provincial medical director and implementing the measures it has proposed. » SNC-Lavalin-Dragados-Pennecon has received from Husky and its partners the contract to build the massive structure. . .