Smmwu Collective Agreement

People join unions so that they can enjoy a union advantage in the form of better pay, social benefits and working conditions through collective bargaining with employers. The company is one of six companies from different sectors that signed agreements with the Singapore Manual and Mercantile Workers` Union (SMMWU) on Friday 29 November to set up training committees. The list of certified collective agreements for the year is available here. The agreement between EM Services and SMMWU benefits employees who work in property management, technicians and supervisors, administrative support, horticultural management, project management and operations support. More than half of these workers who expect a benefit are 40 years of age or older. The agreements were reached at the union`s 60th anniversary dinner at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel. For a previous list of certified collective agreements, please refer to the Management`s Reports. Certified collective agreements shall be published in the Official Journal. They are also available at lawnet and the National Library. A total of 6,400 workers are expected to benefit, including more than 1,000 at EM Services, which manages about 60% of Singapore`s townships. « Business transformation must go hand in hand with worker training, » said National Trades Union Congress general secretary Ng Chee Meng.

A more skilled workforce improves productivity and company profits and, in the long run, workers also benefit from improved job prospects and wages. Contribution of Tay Leong Tan Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent those of Young NTUC. For administrative purposes, the SMMWU divides its membership into 2 categories: 7) Unions cannot negotiate with employers on all aspects of employment. Practices such as hiring and firing remain the rights of employers. Unions cannot fight over who the company can employ or lick. 8) The unions oppose the minimum wage, so our wages will be low First of all, it is wrong to say that there is no minimum wage in Singapore. There are. Second, most of the country does not work on a minimum wage. Employers know very well that if the pay is not good, no one will work for them. With low unemployment rates, Singapore is a workers` market. Statistics show that wages continue to rise.

Maybe some of us won`t see it. If not, shouldn`t we look for answers to a stagnant salary instead of blaming a third party? 9) I have no news of the unions acting, so they don`t have to do any work In fact, there are dozens of new unions and work in the newspapers. It`s just that the inconcerate nature of work news allows us to beautify it easily without fanfare. The government newspaper publishes collective agreements negotiated by the unions. NTUC MPs debate and question the government at length in Parliament. Papers and political positions are widely published by the entire Labour family, including NTUC, e2i, TAFEP, National Wages Council et al. Did you know that Lim Swee Say once threatened to part with the PAP? You probably won`t have heard of it until it leaves the system. Just like no one talked about how Ong Teng Cheong ordered a strike until he left us (the president of the FYI Ong was once the dry gene of the NTUC). EM focuses on the initial and continuous training of our employees in all roles, prepares all people for the change of the sector and the establishment of a competent, sustainable and sustainable staff. This is happening as COVID-19 continues to hurt activity due to a drop in the number of tourists and shoppers, SMMWU General Secretary David Yeo said in a statement on Sunday. Any type of worker! Today`s unions include professionals, managers, executives, contract workers and part-time workers! Online Human Resources is on Telegram! Follow us @humanresourcesonline or click here to receive the latest weekly HR and personal messages from across the region..